Enable XDebug in Aptana Studio 3.x

Friday, February 22, 2013

Many of the web developers faced problem to use Aptana Studio as they cannot configure the XDebug in their workstation. Recently I configure my Aptana Studio for XDebug successfully. Here it is:


  1. Aptana Studio 3.2.0 or newer. I use 3.2.2 to demonstrate the tutorial
  2. XAMPP / WAMP/ LAMP or any other web server solutions.
  3. PHP 5.3 or newer.
  4. XDebug is already configured in the php.ini . If the XDebug is not configured in your web server, follow this link. I have discussed the topic in "Configure XDebug" post.


  1. Click Window->Preferences
  2. In the Preferences dialog go to Aptana Studio -> Editors -> PHP -> PHP Interpreters.
  3. Click "Add". Add a PHP interpreter by giving the php information. Select the php.exe file from the installed php web server. In this case I have used XAMPP sever.
  4. Don't close the prompt window. Go to Aptana Studio -> Web Servers and Create a new Web Sever by clicking "New". Select Simple Web Server.
  5. Enter the data for the localhost server and click "OK".
  6. Now close the preference window and go to Run ->Debug Configurations from the menu options.
  7. Select the "PHP Web Page" then click New Launch Configuration. Enter the field values and select Apply.
  8. Close the Prompt window.
  9. Now Debug the PHP Project by selecting Debug As ->  PHP Server. Aptana Studio automatically open the Debug Perspective and continue to debug. Now, you can debug your PHP project using XDebug and Aptana Studio. Happy Codding .


  1. I've spent hours trying to get Xdebug to work on Aptana Studio. I was just about ready to give up when I came across your blog. I had Xdebug up and running in 15 minutes. Thanks.

  2. The problem with these guides is they end with "now proceed to debug..."

    What I'd love to see is a guide that goes
    1. Assuming that your IDE and debugger are completely configured and working properly.
    2. Assuming that you have a app to debug
    3. Now start by setting a breakpoint


  3. why not aptana: Help->Install aptana features ???

    Aptana provides builtin capability to install new features like
    php (pdt)
    php debugger
    java script libraty

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have tried a couple of ways to enable xdebug in aptana studio but finally I got run using this procedure. If you able to debug in another way please share your knowledge. Its great to learn new things.

  4. Finally a good tutorial. Thanks very helpful!

  5. Will that be ok if I do this without XAMPP / WAMP/ LAMP? I have Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3.5 up good running ?

  6. Thanks for this tutorial!! Helped me to start quickly the debug-modus!!!

  7. Trying to debug a Codeigniter appliacation with a form page. Aptana xdebug works wihh breakpoints at the launch of the form, but after user input of data in the form and submit, the debug session is lost, the ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=ECLIPSE... part of the url has disappearedt. Of course I do want to continue the debug and watch the user input in the debug mode.

    BUT HOW??

  8. where do you actually see the output of the php script? and how can I pass query string parameters to it so they'll show up in $_GET?

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  10. I prefer to use Codelobster to debug my PHP code.